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  • At present, the Chinese steel pip...Details>>

  • Published:2016.06.02
  • How to use the seamless steel tube structure as the industry's "tumbler"

  • At present, China's high-pressure...Details>>

  • Published:2016.06.02
  • China galvanized seamless steel pipe industry in urgent need of "Germany" and product quality

  • According to the latest market re...Details>>

  • Published:2016.06.02
  • To plan, project contractor project of providing technical solutions, provide technical support to customers. Scientific research plate Scientific research plate

    Scientific research plate

    Logistics and transportation, warehousing services, spot sales, customs agents, e-commerce, marketing services and other services. Logistics plate Logistics plate

    Logistics plate

    Seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, special-shaped steel pipe and other manufacturing operations, as well as steel pipe corrosion, expansion pipe…… Manufacturing plateManufacturing plate

    Manufacturing plate
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